We offer multiple rates depending on your needs!

Classic Package

Rates range from $15-$35 per 1000 words depending on the complexity of the edit and your desired turnaround time.

If you’d like a detailed quote with an example edit, contact us to find out how you can provide a sample.

Quantity Package

Need help with more than 10,000 words? We provide a 10% volume discount! Need help with something small? We have a flat rate of $20 for papers under 2000 words.

All details in the classic package apply.

Student Package

Are you a student at a college or university? Papers for any 300-level or below course will be given a special student discount* of 20% off!

All details in the classic package apply.

*Does not apply to the short paper flat rate

For any questions, feel free to check out our FAQs!